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Traditions Traditions Traditions

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Something old, something new, some borrowed, something blue.

Over the years there have been many different ways of following wedding traditions. For example take something borrowed. Many brides use earrings, necklaces, or bracelets from close friends and family as well as having used a passed down wedding gown worn by generation after generation.

There are so many traditions to keep track of that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, but have no fear! Here are some wedding traditions you can skip on.

1. It has to be white!: No it doesn’t. More and more brides are actually staying away from the color white when purchasing their wedding gown. When shopping for your wedding dress remember that not all skin tones look great in white. Some are just made for ivory, champagne, rose and cafe colors. There is nothing wrong with those colors. So don’t be surprised when you fall for the wedding gown of your dreams, and it’s in a color other than white.

2. A blusher is a must have!: No it’s not. In fact you don’t even have to wear a veil. You don’t want to hide your gorgeous face, and you don’t want to miss seeing your fiance cry while you walk down the aisle. No matter how badly your mother want to see her little princess in a veil and blusher, it’s your day, and either way she will think you’re gorgeous. Wear a flower, head band, or even a bird cage. Just remember your blusher is not set in stone.

3. “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner: Did you see the youtube video of the couple dancing down the aisle to Forever by Chris Brown? If you haven’t and are concerned your aisle walking song is pretty out there, go watch the video.I assure you, you will change your mind. Have your favorite love song playing, or even the song that played when you and fiance first met. Anything that has sentimental meaning to you will be perfect.

4. They have to be matching!: They really don’t. If it’s your vision to see your bridesmaids all in one dress then that’s one thing, but if you were told they have to be then you were misinformed. Although it’s easier to just have one set dress, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let your bridesmaids’ personalities shine through. They won’t over do you, but they will feel like themselves. Remember just because your bridesmaids are in different dresses doesn’t mean they have to be in different colors. You can still have them match through the same shade of your wedding color. Match or unmatched, it’s all up to you.

5. Dainty Accessories: If you love big sparkle, then by all means show it! You don’t have to wear dainty pearl earrings with a thin matching necklace. Bling it up, if thats what you love! Wear a stunner of a necklace and the sparkliest chandelier earrings you have ever seen. Just one word of advice. You don’t want to have everyone’s eyes on the accessories. You want them to see you, the bride, wearing them. Not them wearing you.

10 Tips to Prepare You

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10 Tips To Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown


Time is a Factor: Don’t wait until last minute! Most brides don’t know this, but bridal gowns take 4 to 6 months to come in. That doesn’t even include the time for alterations. In total it takes around 8 months for most wedding gowns to arrive, but that’s without having any custom work done. Also keep in mind most bridal salons don’t take walk-ins, so call ahead a couple days in advance to make an appointment.

Take your venue into account: Where will you ceremony and reception be? What will the weather be like? Do you have a theme to your wedding? Take all these questions into account, because your venue sets the tone and your dress completes it. If you’re getting married on beach, you want to go for more of a flowy look. Whether it’s soft ruffles or a chiffon gown, you want the cool sea breeze and sand to compliment you, not make you look out of place.

Know your budget: When looking for a house, you wouldn’t go look at a mansion if you couldn’t afford it. So why do the same with your wedding gown? Before you even think of going shopping, plan out your budget. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a wedding gown you can’t afford.

Do your research: It’s always good to be prepared, especially when you make a bridal gown appointment. Look for dresses online, and bring in pictures. This always helps your consultant narrow down your interests and style. If you’re into social media, try Pinterest and Instagram. They always have great wedding inspirations.

Keep an open mind: So you like ball gowns? Great, but have you ever tried on a trumpet silhouette? Keep an open mind when trying dresses. You never know what you will end up falling in love with. Bridal consultants are professionals and know what works best for certain body types and figures. Bride after bride fall in love with wedding dresses that at first they were reluctant to try on, just remember the golden rule: don’t judge a dress by the hanger.

This is your day, choose a dress that is 100% you: This isn’t your sister’s day, your cousin’s day, or your life long best friend’s day. This is your day, and the most important opinion is yours. Just because your friend doesn’t like your mermaid silhouette, doesn’t mean you should throw your dream away for her ideal wedding dress. Of course you all want approval from your family and friends, but realistically when you walk down that aisle, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.

Listen to your heart: There are thousands of dresses out there, but you don’t have to look at all of them to be sure the dress you love is the one. Trust yourself, and don’t be scared if you don’t get “that” feeling. Many brides will tell you they started crying and just knew it was their dress, however many other brides will tell you they didn’t cry, in fact they had no reaction even close to that. They just felt beautiful in the dress, and that’s all you really need. You don’t need to try on wedding gown after wedding gown, because then you’ll just get yourself confused. Save yourself the trips to and from store after store. Visit only a couple bridal salons and try on their wedding gowns, but don’t be surprised if it’s one of the first ones you try on. Listen to yourself, and choose the one you feel the most beautiful in.

Love the dress, but somethings missing? Accessorize!: Using your imagination can be hard, especially when it’s used to make such a huge decision. When you find the wedding gown that makes you feel absolutely amazing, but you’re still unsure ask to see veils, hair accessories, or jewelry; anything you believe you’ll be wearing on your special day. It really helps with the whole vision. Don’t worry if you can’t see yourself walking down the aisle in the gown yet. Take a deep breath, put on your accessories, close your eyes, and then look in the mirror. You’ll see the beautiful bride you are.

Beware of counterfeit gowns online: So many brides come in telling heartbreaking stories of how they purchased their dream wedding dresses online, and they came completely in pieces. It was as if they had bought fabric and were expected to put the gown together themselves. So beware! If you find a designer gown at a very VERY inexpensive price, check the designers website to see if the site you are purchasing from is an authorized retailer. If they are not, do not risk it. The price may be tempting, but the wedding dress will not be the dress you are dreaming of.

Fantastic Backs for Fabulous Brides

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A bride should look her best from every angle. Part of achieving this is choosing a dress that also looks beautiful from every angle. This is why so many designers are paying special attention to the details on the backs of wedding gowns.


One dramatic option is to wear a backless gown. These are perfect for the bride who wants to show a bit of skin. This elegant style doesn’t mean a lack of design, though. Many backless styles include a decorative finish, such as a scalloped or lace edge or a cowl back.

SOTTERO and MIDGLEY www.sotteroandmidgley.com

If you like the idea of a dramatic back but don’t want to feel too exposed, the illusion back is the perfect choice. This on-trend style combines the cut of a backless dress with a lace or tulle overlay that gives full coverage. The added benefit of this style is that you can have detailing across your back for a great effect.

Many of the dresses we carry in our Cupertino bridal salon offer dramatic and beautiful backs. To see them for yourself, give us a call today!


Pearl Accents Are a Great Bridal Trend

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If you’re looking for something that screams timeless elegance, look no further than pearls. Bridal designers are using pearls to add a beautiful touch to many gown designs.


Pearl accents offer a great alternative to crystal embellishments. They give a softer sheen to a dress while still adding interest and texture.

The trend was also seen at New York Bridal Week last month. Designers featured pearl-embellished bodices, and pearl beading was combined with lace for a delicately glimmering style. Pearl beading is an excellent choice if you are looking for a soft, romantic style for a vintage style wedding.

Pearls are also an excellent bridal accessory. Whether you wear a long strand of pearls with a plunging neckline, a pearl cuff with a thin-strapped gown, or simple pearl stud earrings with a full princess gown, these classic bridal jewelry options are feminine and beautiful.

For more about how to wear pearls as part of your wedding attire, either as an accessory or as part of a fantastic wedding gown style, give us a call or come by our Cupertino bridal salon today!


Wedding Gowns Fit for a Goddess

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One of the big trends to come out of last month’s New York Bridal Week was the Grecian dress. This loose style is a perfect choice for many different brides. It offers a cut that can be flattering on a variety of body types, and a silhouette that is great for both formal and casual weddings.

Grecian styles are a romantic look that works perfectly in white or in a pastel tone.


With a sleeveless bodice and flowing skirt, a Grecian style can also feature a bit of embellishment at the empire waist. However, there are also unadorned styles that provide the perfect base for a bold choice of bridal accessories. The flexibility of the style means there is something for any body type and any taste.

This style isn’t just for brides, though. It is also an excellent choice for bridesmaids. Maids can wear Grecian styles to match a bride’s dress or as a contrast to a more formal bridal gown. In either case, they offer a great solution to a bridal party with different body shapes.

The Grecian gown is also a great choice for a destination wedding as it travels well and doesn’t require separate under layers. It also suits a beach wedding here in the Bay Area for the same reasons.

If you want to see the great Grecian styles we have available, give us a call or come by our Cupertino bridal salon today!


Top Trends From New York Bridal Week

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New York Bridal Week 2014 is now past, and it was full of inspiring new trends. The world’s top bridal designers showed off their 2015 collections and there were some amazing gowns on show. While you might not be in the market for one of the couture gowns that were in the runway shows, you can take inspiration from some of the bigger design trends that were on show. Here are a few of our favorites.



With a nod to the 1990s, this trend sees the return of the sleek slip dress. Vera Wang and Amsale both offered up white satin gowns with no unnecessary embellishment. This is perfect for the bride who wants to keep things simple, or who wants to load up on accessories.


This is a classic wedding style, but designers are embracing it with new twists. Most of these styles use lighter fabrics for the off-the-shoulder sleeves for a soft, romantic look. Look for gowns that gracefully drape tulle and lace over the upper arms.

Dramatic backs

This look gained popularity over the past year, and showed up on many runways this year. Along with deep plunging backlines, designers are using illusion backs. This also works to incorporate lace styles that are also popular.

If you’re looking for the perfect gown for your Bay Area wedding, we can help you find it. Come by our Cupertino bridal salon to find out more.


Wedding Dress Silhouettes You Should Know About

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When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, you always have to pick out an option that you know you will look good in. But with the number of different dress styles available, it can get confusing trying to identify each option to go with. For starters, you have to understand how important a silhouette is in your wedding dress. How do you find one that will work best with your body type? Which option will look best on you? Here is a short guide on the most common wedding dress silhouettes available:


  • A-List: This is part of a fitted bodice that reaches the waist. Beneath the waist area, the material of the dress flows to the ground to resemble the outline of a capital ‘A.’ This option is ideal for any body type.
  • Ballgown: If you would like to feel like a princess on your wedding day, look for a dress that has a ballgown silhouette. This type of dress usually has a fitted bodice, flared waist, and a full skirt. While it is ideal for most body types, it is recommended for pear shapes. For petite brides, this is not a suggestion option as the skirt may overwhelm a small frame.
  • Mermaid: This type of silhouette has a fit material from the chest to the knee area. Beyond the knee, it flares out to resemble the fin of a mermaid. This is a silhouette ideal for those with an hourglass body shape and slender frame.
  • Modified A-Line: Compared to the A-Line silhouette, the modified A-line has a dress that fits closer to the body.
  • Sheath: This is a dress that has a narrow shape, which flows straight down, starting from the neckline to the hem. The sheath silhouette is ideal for lean frames, petites, and hourglass shapes.
  • Tea-Length: Ideal for all body types, this type of dress has a skirt that falls anywhere between the ankle and the knee.
  • Trumpet: Considered as a combination between an A-line and Mermaid cut, this is a silhouette that fits women with small waists. Dresses with a trumpet silhouette are fitted through the body and flares in the mid-thigh area.

Determine the right silhouette you want to use for your wedding dress by finding out what your body shape is. If you’re still trying to find your wedding dress, you can visit our website for some options you can go with.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Bridesmaids Dresses

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Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses is just like shopping for a wedding dress except this time, the tables are turned. What the bridesmaids wear should complement the bride’s wedding dress or make it stand out. Choosing dresses for the bridesmaids does not mean they are not part of the process. To make sure the process goes smoothly, here are a few things you need to consider.


The Color of the Dress 

Most brides would choose shades that are darker or lighter than the wedding gown. It is practical but choosing bright colors make it thoughtful. The important thing to determine is which color suits your bridesmaid’s complexion. You do not have to worry about standing out in a tide of colors. Wearing a traditional white wedding gown is already an attention grabber.

Flattering Silhouettes

Everyone comes in all shapes and size, which is why you need to choose silhouettes that flatter. Choosing A-line and Empire silhouettes are elegant choices that fit most body types. Other factors you need to consider are the neckline, bodice, and sleeves.


It helps to have a fixed budget but you can never tell what can happen in a bridal salon. Some dresses are worth the splurge. When the time comes, you can either stand your ground with the budget or set a flexible price range.

The Feel of the Dress 

The fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses can also be similar to the wedding dress. It can vary in color and other details. Even if the chosen fabric of the dresses differs entirely, the important thing is that they are comfortable in wearing it.

What They Have to Say

They could be family members who want to voice their opinion regarding bridesmaid dresses or they could be the bridesmaids with their own vision. Although the bride is the boss in such situations, there will always be sisters or mothers who want to steal the spotlight. You have to consider how to deal with it.

Make sure you visit our website for some bridesmaid dress options that you can order in advance! This is a great way you can let your friends choose the dresses they would like to wear on your big day!

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Dress

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It’s no secret that every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. But with so many things to do and all the planning that takes place, finding the time to relax and do exercise can be a struggle. When the big day comes, the bride-to-be’s next struggle is how she can look best in her wedding dress without taking the time to exercise.


If you find yourself in this situation, you will be pleased to know that there are some ways you can slim down without the need to go to the gym daily. You don’t even have to undergo a crazy diet fad just so you can look your best in your wedding dress. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

Flatter Your Assets

One of the easiest ways you can make your wedding dress look good on you is to choose a dress that flatters your assets. If you’re trying to hide your hips, go for a dress with a romantic empire waist gown. If you’re shy about your waist area, you may opt for a corseted ball gown so that it accentuates your bust area and hides the bottom half of your body.

Wear the Right Underwear

Wearing the right underwear can do wonders apart from just hiding things that should not be visible. If you will be wearing a tight fitting dress, make sure you get shapewear to help sculpt your assets.

Your Posture Counts

Proper posture has long been a used advice for anyone who wants to appear confident and polished. When you keep your back straight and shoulders back, you can boost your self-confidence and will also make you look taller.

The best way you can make yourself stand out when wearing your wedding dress is to be confident about yourself. Follow these tips even when you’re still in the process of hunting for your wedding dress so you can see how good you look in the mirror. Make sure you visit our website for some designer wedding dress options that you can order in no time!



Best Hairstyles to Go With Your Wedding Dress

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It can never be stated enough—your wedding day is an important day of your life. As much as you would like your wedding to be simple and cost efficient, there is still no denying the fact that you want to look your best during this day in your life. And in order to achieve that, you will need the right hairstyle to go with your dress.

No matter how much your dress is, your hairstyle can add beauty to it. As long as you know how to carry the dress, your guests will never know the price tag of the dress until you tell them. Here are some of the common wedding dress styles that are being used by brides and some hairstyle ideas that go with them perfectly:


Strapless Dress

If you will be wearing a strapless dress, you can freely wear your hair loose and with large locks. This will add drama to how you look like in your photos and even produce a regal affect. To add more coverage, you may either push your hair off or over your shoulders. A simple yet flirty effect is to add a soft wave on the side of your hair.


Square Neckline

If the dress you chose to wear has a square neck, you can look your best with a modern bouffant hairstyle. Wear a thin headband and add some volume to the crown of your head. This hairstyle will show off your collarbone and décolleté beautifully along with the dress.


One Shoulder Neckline

You can add drama to your one shoulder dress by having side-swept curls, a pony, or a braid cover the bare shoulder. This hairstyle will balance your neckline and make you look sweet. However, if you would like the focus to be on the cut of the dress, you can go for an updo hairstyle.

There are plenty of different hairstyles available that you can choose from. The trick in finding the right hairstyle to match with your dress is to have a hair stylist try out different looks on you. Of course, before anything else, you will need to find the dress. Make sure you visit our website for some designer wedding dress options that you can order in no time!