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Wedding Dress Silhouettes You Should Know About

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When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, you always have to pick out an option that you know you will look good in. But with the number of different dress styles available, it can get confusing trying to identify each option to go with. For starters, you have to understand how important a silhouette is in your wedding dress. How do you find one that will work best with your body type? Which option will look best on you? Here is a short guide on the most common wedding dress silhouettes available:


  • A-List: This is part of a fitted bodice that reaches the waist. Beneath the waist area, the material of the dress flows to the ground to resemble the outline of a capital ‘A.’ This option is ideal for any body type.
  • Ballgown: If you would like to feel like a princess on your wedding day, look for a dress that has a ballgown silhouette. This type of dress usually has a fitted bodice, flared waist, and a full skirt. While it is ideal for most body types, it is recommended for pear shapes. For petite brides, this is not a suggestion option as the skirt may overwhelm a small frame.
  • Mermaid: This type of silhouette has a fit material from the chest to the knee area. Beyond the knee, it flares out to resemble the fin of a mermaid. This is a silhouette ideal for those with an hourglass body shape and slender frame.
  • Modified A-Line: Compared to the A-Line silhouette, the modified A-line has a dress that fits closer to the body.
  • Sheath: This is a dress that has a narrow shape, which flows straight down, starting from the neckline to the hem. The sheath silhouette is ideal for lean frames, petites, and hourglass shapes.
  • Tea-Length: Ideal for all body types, this type of dress has a skirt that falls anywhere between the ankle and the knee.
  • Trumpet: Considered as a combination between an A-line and Mermaid cut, this is a silhouette that fits women with small waists. Dresses with a trumpet silhouette are fitted through the body and flares in the mid-thigh area.

Determine the right silhouette you want to use for your wedding dress by finding out what your body shape is. If you’re still trying to find your wedding dress, you can visit our website for some options you can go with.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Bridesmaids Dresses

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Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses is just like shopping for a wedding dress except this time, the tables are turned. What the bridesmaids wear should complement the bride’s wedding dress or make it stand out. Choosing dresses for the bridesmaids does not mean they are not part of the process. To make sure the process goes smoothly, here are a few things you need to consider.


The Color of the Dress 

Most brides would choose shades that are darker or lighter than the wedding gown. It is practical but choosing bright colors make it thoughtful. The important thing to determine is which color suits your bridesmaid’s complexion. You do not have to worry about standing out in a tide of colors. Wearing a traditional white wedding gown is already an attention grabber.

Flattering Silhouettes

Everyone comes in all shapes and size, which is why you need to choose silhouettes that flatter. Choosing A-line and Empire silhouettes are elegant choices that fit most body types. Other factors you need to consider are the neckline, bodice, and sleeves.


It helps to have a fixed budget but you can never tell what can happen in a bridal salon. Some dresses are worth the splurge. When the time comes, you can either stand your ground with the budget or set a flexible price range.

The Feel of the Dress 

The fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses can also be similar to the wedding dress. It can vary in color and other details. Even if the chosen fabric of the dresses differs entirely, the important thing is that they are comfortable in wearing it.

What They Have to Say

They could be family members who want to voice their opinion regarding bridesmaid dresses or they could be the bridesmaids with their own vision. Although the bride is the boss in such situations, there will always be sisters or mothers who want to steal the spotlight. You have to consider how to deal with it.

Make sure you visit our website for some bridesmaid dress options that you can order in advance! This is a great way you can let your friends choose the dresses they would like to wear on your big day!

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Dress

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It’s no secret that every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day. But with so many things to do and all the planning that takes place, finding the time to relax and do exercise can be a struggle. When the big day comes, the bride-to-be’s next struggle is how she can look best in her wedding dress without taking the time to exercise.


If you find yourself in this situation, you will be pleased to know that there are some ways you can slim down without the need to go to the gym daily. You don’t even have to undergo a crazy diet fad just so you can look your best in your wedding dress. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

Flatter Your Assets

One of the easiest ways you can make your wedding dress look good on you is to choose a dress that flatters your assets. If you’re trying to hide your hips, go for a dress with a romantic empire waist gown. If you’re shy about your waist area, you may opt for a corseted ball gown so that it accentuates your bust area and hides the bottom half of your body.

Wear the Right Underwear

Wearing the right underwear can do wonders apart from just hiding things that should not be visible. If you will be wearing a tight fitting dress, make sure you get shapewear to help sculpt your assets.

Your Posture Counts

Proper posture has long been a used advice for anyone who wants to appear confident and polished. When you keep your back straight and shoulders back, you can boost your self-confidence and will also make you look taller.

The best way you can make yourself stand out when wearing your wedding dress is to be confident about yourself. Follow these tips even when you’re still in the process of hunting for your wedding dress so you can see how good you look in the mirror. Make sure you visit our website for some designer wedding dress options that you can order in no time!



Best Hairstyles to Go With Your Wedding Dress

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It can never be stated enough—your wedding day is an important day of your life. As much as you would like your wedding to be simple and cost efficient, there is still no denying the fact that you want to look your best during this day in your life. And in order to achieve that, you will need the right hairstyle to go with your dress.

No matter how much your dress is, your hairstyle can add beauty to it. As long as you know how to carry the dress, your guests will never know the price tag of the dress until you tell them. Here are some of the common wedding dress styles that are being used by brides and some hairstyle ideas that go with them perfectly:


Strapless Dress

If you will be wearing a strapless dress, you can freely wear your hair loose and with large locks. This will add drama to how you look like in your photos and even produce a regal affect. To add more coverage, you may either push your hair off or over your shoulders. A simple yet flirty effect is to add a soft wave on the side of your hair.


Square Neckline

If the dress you chose to wear has a square neck, you can look your best with a modern bouffant hairstyle. Wear a thin headband and add some volume to the crown of your head. This hairstyle will show off your collarbone and décolleté beautifully along with the dress.


One Shoulder Neckline

You can add drama to your one shoulder dress by having side-swept curls, a pony, or a braid cover the bare shoulder. This hairstyle will balance your neckline and make you look sweet. However, if you would like the focus to be on the cut of the dress, you can go for an updo hairstyle.

There are plenty of different hairstyles available that you can choose from. The trick in finding the right hairstyle to match with your dress is to have a hair stylist try out different looks on you. Of course, before anything else, you will need to find the dress. Make sure you visit our website for some designer wedding dress options that you can order in no time!

Lingerie Tips for Your Wedding Dress

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Choosing your wedding dress may be one of the most difficult choices you’ll have to make with your big day. Just like other brides, it is normal that you would want to look your best on this important day in your life. As such, you will want to look for the right dress that not only fits you flawlessly but will also accentuate your curves. While there are dresses out there that are able to achieve these two effects, you may also choose to wear lingerie that will help in making you look your best.


Here are a few considerations about the lingerie to wear under your wedding dress:

Body Fitting Dress

To hide an unflattering tummy while you’re wearing a body fitting dress, you will need shapewear as this hides your lower stomach. For a seamless finish, you may opt for a bottom area that comes in either a thong or boy shorts.

Dress with a Deep V Neckline

If your dress has a deep V neckline, make sure that you wear a bra with a special cutout so that it won’t reveal in your dress. Most of these bras come in a bodysuit option so that it gives extra support so that everything stays put.

Strapless Dress

While you may opt for a strapless bra to wear along with a strapless dress, you may also go for a longline bra. Longline bras are usually attached to corset-like bodices that provide more support against slippage.

Backless Dress

If you will be wearing a backless dress, see to it that you wear adhesive cups. In order to get a natural feel, you can opt for silicone cups that come in nude color. This will make you feel like you don’t have any bra at all!

Choosing the right lingerie to wear with your wedding dress is an important consideration you need to focus on. Since this can affect the overall look of the dress, make sure you choose one that goes with your dress.

If you’re still hunting for your wedding dress, make sure you visit our website for some designer wedding dress options that you can order in no time!


How to Find Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses

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Whether you are the mother of the bride or groom, you will be filling in a very important role during the wedding of your child. Because of this, you will be the center of attention (apart from the bride) of the guests. With this in mind, you need to find a dress that will look best on you. If you are still looking for a dress to wear, here are some tips on how you can find one:


Talk to the Bride

When you’re on the hunt for a dress to wear to her wedding, make sure that you speak with the bride. Ask her about her plans for the wedding so you know what her theme colors are. If she has a preference, you will also need to ask her about the color that she would like you to wear instead of choosing your own.

Start Hunting Early

When you’re dress shopping, make sure that you look for a dress early. Once the bride or her bridesmaids have already found their dresses, you can already look for the dress that you will be wearing. You have to make them look for their dress first so you know the color that you should follow.

Choose a Comfortable Style

Make sure that when you’re picking out mother of the bride/groom, you go for a style of dress that you are most comfortable in. This is the best way you can look good during the wedding of your child.

Allow us to help you find the mother of the bride/groom dress that you can wear to the big day. This way, you can save time in finding one on your own.


9 Ways To Avoid Wedding Dress Disasters

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A bride’s wedding dress is what gives personality to a wedding. Popular personalities’ weddings are usually highlighted by the bridal march and what her dress looks like. This is the reason why some women would spend years and a great amount of money just to find the “perfect” dress. We normally cannot control unfortunate events, mishaps and disasters but we can ensure that the probability of disaster happening is lessened.

Here are 9 ways to avoid wedding dress disasters:

  1. STYLE – Choose the style, veil and cut that suits you, it is one thing to follow style magazines but it is always better to have your own style or better yet, let a professional help you decide what you would really look good in based on your body size and shape. It is okay to ask to mimic popular styles of wedding dresses but it is not okay to insist on it even if the designer says otherwise.
  1. SIZE – Be honest with yourself. Women tend to subconsciously inhale when people try to measure their waists to make it look tinier. However, your designer needs to know the reality so they can suggest lines and cuts that would hide the a bulging tummy and body parts that you want to highlight or removed from view.


  1. ALLOWANCE – Have an allowance of at least an inch in case you suddenly gain weight. The allowance in size should be able to be adjusted back to the size that correctly fits you when you do your final fitting.
  1. BUDGET – Be realistic. Don’t overspend on your dress and skimp on the other expenses in your wedding. Everything should be fairly budgeted.
  1. HANDLING AND STORAGE – This is one of the biggest headaches of brides especially if wedding gown is to be shipped or hand-carried in destination weddings. Once the wedding gown is delivered, proper handling and storage should be done according to your designer and it should be followed properly unless you want wrinkles on your precious wedding dress. In case of wrinkles, ask if you can use an iron or steam iron. For irons, do not under any circumstances directly iron the dress. Always make sure a thick cloth is on top of it to prevent discoloration and accidental burns. If a steam iron will be used, distilled water is preferred than tap water. Most wedding dresses are however advised NOT to be ironed since it might lose some body/shape.
  1. DIET – Don’t outgrow the dress, don’t go on diet too much it looks to loose either. The important thing to do is maintenance of your ideal size so don’t do crash diets or go to an eating contest when the dress has been finalized already.
  1. FITTING – The dress should have ample space for you to wiggle yourself inside without forcing yourself in.
  1. STAINS – Have an emergency stain remover with you. Ask your Make-up Artist to ensure that your make-up doesn’t run to your dress when you perspire and always have a tissue handy so you can softly dab on your face when the temperature gets a little hot. During reception and wedding program, make sure you are careful when eating.


  1. COMMUNICATION – The most important thing to achieve your dream wedding dress is to communicate with your designer. Everything should be laid out with regards to your expectation. The more your designer understands you, the better. So make sure you pick a vendor who prioritizes your complete satisfaction, is professional and has been in the business for several years because they are more experienced and have a lower chance of giving you headaches.

If you’re still looking for someone to help you avoid wedding dress disasters and other possible wedding mishaps and problems, contact us, leave the planning and problem solving to us since we’ll make sure you will never have to worry about wedding details again.

Common Accessories for Wedding Hair

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One of the most common concerns brides have about their wedding is how they will style their hair. Since brides want to ensure that they look their best on the most important day of their lives, they want to know the many different ways they can wear accessories on their head. If this is something that you can relate to, here are some of the options that you have for accessorizing your hair on your big day:



The good thing about wearing headbands is that they are very versatile. You can choose to wear them while your hair is up, down, or half up. Another option is to have the band wrapped in a ribbon matching your hair color so that it carefully blends in. On the other hand, if you would like the headband to stand out, you can also opt to use pearls or crystals on the side of the band.


If you would like to feel like a princess on your wedding day, you can opt for a tiara. This is the perfect time to wear a tiara on your head. Remember, however, that if you opt for a tiara, the main focus will be the front of your head. Make sure that your hairstyle is polished and will not mess up when you wear the tiara.

Hair Comb

Recently, a number of brides have started using hair combs to leave some hair down. If you are planning to wear a veil, you may need to have the hair comb fixed when the veil is removed after the ceremony. If this is something that you feel suits you, you may opt for this hair accessory option.

Hair Pins

If you would like to have a Grecian hairstyle, you can use some hair pins so that they can be concealed in your hair. This is a great way you can look simple yet elegant at the same time.

The best time to start looking for your hair accessories is when you have already purchased your wedding dress. This way, you don’t have to settle for something you don’t want just because it doesn’t match the dress you chose. If you’re still looking for a wedding dress, you can check out our collection for some options.

Picking Your Wedding Dress Early

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In order to have a fun and stress-free wedding dress shopping experience, start early! According to The Knot, most brides start looking for their dress nine months to a year before their wedding day.

Factors to consider when deciding how much time you will need to allot for wedding dress shopping are: the time it will take to find the dress, the time it takes for the designer to make the gown and alterations. It takes about three to four months for the wedding dress designer to send the to the salon after it has been ordered. Alterations can take two to three months as well. Always remember that, even if you are planning to lose weight before you walk down the aisle, a wedding dress is easier to take in than to take out. If you are getting a custom dress made for your wedding day you need to factor in more time.

If you find your wedding dress over a year before the wedding day you will have to figure out how you are going to store your dress. A seamstress or bridal salon may be able to store it for you until your wedding day. If you choose to wait a little longer you can save money so that you can buy the dress of your dreams without stressing over your budget.

Let us Bay Area Bridal find the designer wedding dress of your dreams!

10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Dress

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Finding the dress of your dreams can be the most fun and also the most stressful part of the wedding planning process. Your search for the perfect dress can start with excitement and turn into exhaustion when you can’t seem to find just what you want. These tips will help you in your hunt and get you in the dress that makes you say “Yes!”

1. Consider your location

Location is the best starting point for finding the right gown. If you are getting married on the beach, you can cross ball gowns and dramatic trains off your list. A wedding in a church? Short dresses can be ruled out. The climate in your locale is also one to take into consideration. Warmer weather calls for linen and organdy while velvet and brocade are better suited for colder climates.

2. Set your budget

Trying on the perfect dress that is way out of your price range is a surefire way to put a damper on the rest of your experience. Make sure you not only set a budget but also inform the salesperson before she starts bringing you your gowns. The whole wedding ensemble, from the vail to accessories usually takes up 10-15% of the total wedding budget. Last but not least, factor in alterations and shipping costs.

3. Start looking early

Six to nine months before you say “I do” is the perfect time to start looking for the perfect dress. Once you pick the one it takes three to four months for it to be made and another to months for fittings and alterations. If you are picking a very detailed gown it will take even longer. Some stores do offer rush orders, but your choices are limited and it will cost an additional fee.

4. Bring your crew

Making the decision alone can make it even harder. Bringing a few close confidants whose opinions are trustworthy can help ease the decision. Invite people that know your taste. The last thing you want is butting heads that can make the time spent shopping frustrating and tiring.

5. Focus on the fit, not on the size

Many brides are discouraged when they find out their wedding dress size is four times bigger than what they typically wear. A bride that is normally an 8 may find that she fits better in a 12. Always get the size that fits best, even if you plan on losing weight before the big day. Gowns are always easier to take in!

Check out our selection of designer wedding dresses for your big day!